Resolving on windows.

Check out my resolved ceremony:

If you load my keyboardhack, it recognizes if resolve is the frontmost window and activates these massmover style keys:resolve-2

resolve-1You can hold down the N key and move your mouse left and right to skim through the footage. Use the T key if you’re mastering for cinema wide and would like to pan-scan. These are the most important keys to remember.

Also some stock keys come in handy:

  • Alt+C new circular node
  • Alt+S new serial node
  • Alt+O new outside node
  • Shift+Home reset current node
  • Alt+Shift+; and ‘ next and previous node
  • Down arrow for the next cut
  • Ctrl+F full screen
  • Ctrl+L loop


windows 10

Resource usage after installation. Turned off all cortana stuff. No apps running. Compared to windows 8.1 there are more processes, 50% more threads and handles, disk space usage is about the same, but with 40 000 more files in the windows directory.

Every setting has one more layer of ui on it, but deep down, the same dialogs come up, with the same unusable interface.

Smaller window borders are nice. New alt+tab is a bit nicer. Window close red X is a bit easier to hit.

Setup is awful like always. Stops midway for a question, then you have to wait for an other 10 minutes till completion

windows-processes windwos-disk