New LightRoom Shortcuts

LightroomThere is a trio of lesser known tools and keyboard shortcuts which may ease your pain:
Target Adjustment tool CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+T. Or as we call it in the industry Mash-Your-Fist-T. It’s basically a way to adjust exposure by dragging certain parts of the image. Drag down on a dark area of the image, to crush the blacks (no racist comments please. This is a colorist terminology ūüôā Drag up a light part of the image, to brighten exposure. It may be a savior for all you non-working keyboard hack users out there.
Hue adjustment tool Mash-Your-Fist-H. Just like the above tool, grab a color, and wiggle it up or down to make it greener or more magenta like.
Saturation adjustment tool, you guessed it, Mash-Your-Fist-S. Want to make the the foliage greener? Jeans bluer? Just Drag!

-And one more thing. If your using Graduated filters, like M or SHIFT+M, you can brush in “exceptions” with SHIFT+T.