Why This World Goes to Hell. And why it’s not so sad as it sounds.

Do you ever wonder why everything is falling apart? Why everything around you breaks down? Do you feel depressed that if you don’t put work in it, the world is destined to collapse. I mean given enough time this star of yours, the Sun will die. Your universe will go cold, since all the heat and light dissipates. That’s like a horrible death for things, and it seems like a mean thing from mother nature!

I just got a glimpse at why this is happening. And why it’s easy to see that it’s not out of cruelty.

In physics we call this increasing entropy. This feature of nature that everything is deteriorating. Rust kills your car. At one moment it was shiny and it was taking you places. A few moments later, it is a pile of dust. Just like your body, with it’s thoughts, your political party, your religion, pretty much everything you have a name for.

Imagine that things happen randomly at the atomic level. There are really a lot of possibilities that can happen, but all of them with equal chances. And out of all the possibilities, there only very few outcomes that you perceive as order.

Things can go wrong many ways, but can only stay in order only one way.

Do you understand now, that nature is actually fair. Things happening in a fair, randomized fashion. But you pinpoint one outcome as desirable, and a lot more as undesirable. This is why it seems on the surface, that the odds are against you. Well, they actually are.